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The city of lights , the city of love , paris is at the heart of romance and the eiffel tower is the heart of Paris. paris is also known as la ville lumi is one of the most sought after hitoric , romantic and vibrant cities in the world.

wonder of the world : The Eiffel Tower Macau...| theganimikava
The great wonder of the world : The Eiffel Tower Macau...| theganimikava

Location of the Eiffel Tower Macau :

The Eiffel tower macau is located in paris.The capital city of france , paris is flooded with myrid interesting places to visit from amusement park that give you an adrenaline rush to museum , historical building and gardens, the lovely historic city have so much to offer to ech and every traveller. so , must visit paris .....

The Eiffel Tower Macau :

  • The Eiffel tower is the tallest structure in Paris and the most visited monument in the world .
  • 6.91 million peoples acended in 2015.
  • The Eiffel tower Macau is 324 metres ( 1,063 ) ft tall , about the same height as an 81 story building and the highly tallestest structure in Paris.
  •  The Macau Eiffel Tower is a faithful replica of the Paris Eiffel Tower constructed, next to the Venetian Hotel on the famous Cotai Strip in Taipa, Macau.
  • The Macau Eiffel Tower  is required to be a faithful replica of the Paris Eiffel Tower to a 48% scale of the original Paris Eiffel Tower.
  •  The full height of the Tower is 155m.
  • Many decorative features on the original Paris Eiffel Tower such as cornice scrolls, balustrades, gussets plates, lattices, staircases, mesh screens at observation decks have been aesthetically replicated to simulate what is present on the original Eiffel Tower.
  • During the initial design stage, all specifications were thoroughly reviewed and interpreted to ensure correct assumptions and constraints are applied in the detail design.   

A comparison of the Paris Eiffel Tower and the Macau Eiffel Tower apart from the height difference, the central lift shaft of the Macau Eiffel Tower has a central lift shaft from level P07 deck (about a third of height of the Tower) to the top of the tower.

The Macau Eiffel Tower also has a pedestrian link bridge connecting the Tower to the adjacent casino podium which is not present in the Paris Eiffel Tower.

Design and construction details of Eiffel tower Macau :

  • The design analysis model was developed based on an agreed wireframe model between all working parties including an architect , structural engineer and mechanical services engineer etc...
  • The design of the Eiffel tower is attributed to maurica koechlin and emile nouguier , two senior engineers working for the compaginedes establishments Eiffel tower.
  • The work on the foundation started on 28 January 1887 and the foundation level were completed on 30 june.
  • Then the irrigation of the iron work began.
  • After that 7 December 1887 completed the construction of the legs with scaffolding.
  • Then after few months , 20 march 1887 that's the completion of the first level .
  • Construction on second stage started on 15 may 1888 and completed on 21 August 1888.
  • After that , construction of the upper floor stage started on 26 December 1888.
  • 15th march 1889 construction of cupola .
    Cupola is the upper part of the Eiffel tower.
  •  The main structural work was completed at the end of March 1889 and on 31 march , Eiffel celebrated by leading group of government officials , accomplished by representative of the press , to the top of the tower.

How to visit : 

The Eiffel  Tower is the most visited paid monument in the world .An average of 25,000 people visit the tower in every day which can result in long queues...

  • The nearest Paris metro station is Bir Hakeim and the nearest RER station is champ de Mars tour Eiffel.
  • The tower itself is located at the intersection of the quai branly and the pont d'lena.
  • More that 250 millions people have visited the tower since it was completed in 1889.

Conclusions :

The Macau Eiffel Tower is a replica of the Paris Eiffel Tower constructed next to the Venetian Hotel on the Cotai Strip in Taipa, Macau.

  • There is a strict requirement that the structural components and the decorative features of the tower resemble the original tower in shape and scale while meeting the loading and performance criteria under modern design codes of practice and most particularly the typhoon wind loading of Macau.
  • This forms one of the greatest challenges to the design and construction team.
  • Recreating the Eiffel Tower, using modern steel construction technology, is inevitably different to working in wrought-iron as was the case in the 19th century.
  • Extensive considerations have had to be made to disguise the modern steel construction while achieving the cast iron lattice appearance.
  • This has been made possible by employing modern computational technologies such as finite element analyses, 3D drafting and shop drawing preparation to tackle the design, fabrication and erection of the complex lattice geometry.
  • This paper summarises the engineering solutions provided to tackle the key challenges encountered and the effective project management that has brought successful collaboration between the teams to deliver the recreation of the Macau Eiffel tower.

In this article, we are discuss about the one of the wonder in world..the great eiffel tower macau...And it's construction details and how to visit the place all these things are discuss in article ..So , must read and share your opinion and experience about above article in comments section ...