Software quality attributes | what qualities should a software process have?  | theganimikava

The main objectives of a process are the same as those of software engineering. These goals are called ultraviolet and scalability.

Software quality attributes | what qualities should a software process have?   | theganimikava
what qualities should a software process have?

Software Process Properties:


The main objectives of a process are the same as those of software engineering. These goals are called ultraviolet and scalability. The upside is that the process requires the ability to create high-quality software at a low cost. Its beauty applies to large software projects. To accomplish these goals, the process has the following components (characteristics).

Productivity: Predict an action or find out if we can predict the results of the process working in them before the project is completed. In fact, if this process is not expected.

A properly effective image is essential for the success of the project and it revolves around the project plan. A project plan estimates the cost and timing of the project. For a project, one relies on predictive features and their abilities or their previous experience in the organization.

Click PT prediction or prediction of a project of a product that can be made by looking at the click PT of a product produced in the past through the process used in the current project. In fact, the ability to expect action depends largely on the effective management of click and tear activity.

It is clear that if the first experience is used to control the price and ensure the quality, then we should use the predictive process. The lack of a full moon will also reduce the experience gained from the project. The process that represents prediction is considered statistical control. If the process returns the same result after the same process, then the process is under statistical control. As shown in Figure 3.5, the y-axis represents some of the features developed by it (standard products, etc.) and the x-axis represents the project. The deep lines are the potential values ​​for the features of this process. Slide calls control means that most projects are located around the potential cost. Static statistical control also means that the exact estimate of effort is usually based on past performance, not just probability.


Supporting the ability to conduct tests on maintenance;


We know that software development costs usually increase due to a care marriage. Obviously, if we want to reduce the total cost of software, our goal should be to reduce maintenance behavior. Full stop means that the main purpose of building a project should be to develop software that is easy to maintain and maintain. One possible reason is that manufacturers quickly develop software, install it, and then hand it over to a group of other people known as Restorers. Maintenance is also not about the organization from which the software is developed, but about the organization with which the software is contracted. The additional cost of software maintenance does not take the name of Poonam's itself. We have seen that process features consist of general and general requirements in design, coding, and testing.

Lokesh's goal is not to reduce Ashoka design and coding, but to reduce the cost of testing and maintenance. The complete stop depends mainly on the coding and design of both the testing and maintenance software, or their cost can be very low if the software is designed and coded in this way it can be easily tested and maintained. Thus, in the early stages of process creation, the key issue should be the ease of testing and modification.

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Preliminary fault prevention and defect prevention;

An error may occur during preparation. The cost of correcting errors in different physics is not the same and depends on when and how the initial vaccine was identified and corrected.

If there is an error under the requirements, it will affect the design coat. After coding, both design and code will have to be changed to correct the error, and this will increase the cost of correcting the error.

So we try to correct the error as soon as we try, and we should not wait for the test after the error is detected. In fact, testing is very important where mistakes are made. Cost Facts Relying on testing as a key tool to detect breakdowns due to the limitations of fireworks testing also reduces the reliability of the software. This process of detection and improvement should be a continuous process that can occur in the creation of software. It is done during the identification of any mistake when it is the main objective of any action in Pune. In Pune, the best way is for them to stop it before it breaks down. We have to pay a high price to be away from a friend if we don't know him for a long time. If we want to reduce the total defects that arise in any system and also to reduce the values ​​that can be applied to eliminate these defects, then we have to use the methods that cause the defect. Save from That is, we should keep in mind that whenever we do something, it should cause a defect. Prior to this work, the method adopted by a project for construction work should be used to avoid 200.

Process Improvement:

  • Increasing quality and reducing production costs is the main goal of an engineering wedding.
  • The software process should be improved to meet the engineering objectives of improving the performance of outpost products and reducing costs.
  • Friends, as we read today, what are the features of the software that want to make software better, and how to improve it? We will continue to offer you more moral lessons in Hindi in the same way. Thanks for sharing if you like our post.

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