The best ways to improve your intelligence...!! | theganimikava

Many people's memory decreases with age. Scientists are continuing to study various ways to maintain and enhance the performance of the human brain.

The best ways to improve your intelligence...!! | theganimikava
Some ways to open your mind ...| theganimikava

Scientists have come up with some infallible ways to increase the performance of the brain. These problems can be reduced through various brain exercises, exercises and proper diet.

The following methods can be easily used to increase the performance of the brain in following ways :

1. Keep learning :

Many studies have shown that education maintains mental efficiency.

  • According to this theory, the more educated a person is, the richer his mentality is.
  • So the more exhaustion these people's brains take, the more their brains interfere.
  • It has been found that Alzheimer's, a memory-destroying disease of the brain, attacks late in highly educated people.
  • Because of this, the more education you have, the more your brain will function.

2. Crossword :

Even if you don't want to go back to school, there are ways to keep your brain functioning.

  • For this you need to solve regular crosswords.
  • Even if you are busy with education at a young age, crossword can be a suitable solution for you as you get older.
  • According to a study, if you are busy with such crosswords for a day, then the brain disease 'dementia' is delayed by two months!

3. Excluding negativity :

Getting rid of negativity from the mind can be one of the best ways to maintain brain function.

  • When the brain is concerned about something, the brain accepts it and prepares accordingly.
  • This is why negative thoughts become permanent in the brain.
  • On the other hand, thinking about positive and constructive things increases the performance of the brain.

 4. Play 'Brain Game' :

Play brain games, not video games.

  • Watch various videos of brain games on the internet.
  • Play chess. However, even if it doesn't feel good, there is no need to play brain games and chess just to increase memory.

5. Sociality :

There is a correlation between socialization and good memory.

  • In other words, those with good memory are more social.
  • However, there were doubts as to which contributed more.
  • However, a 2006 study found that retirees who did not participate in social work had twice as much brain damage as those who did not.
  •  Socializing benefits our brains, researchers say. Socialization helps to focus on oneself, reduce stress and secrete neuro hormones.

6. Exclude multitasks :

Many of us try to prove our skills by doing a lot of work (or multitasking) together.

  • But various scientific studies have shown that multitasking actually slows people down.
  • This creates a distraction of attention, which creates more problems than creativity.
  •  Eating right has a very close relationship with brain performance
  •  Also avoid storing unnecessary information in the brain.
  • It's like deleting unnecessary computer data.
  • Learning something new (foreign language), discovering or thinking about something new is another good way to keep the brain working.

7. Learn something new :

Trying to learn a new job increases memory.

  • Suppose you don't know how to make a paper plane. Learn to make it. Or start doing something new.
  • It will increase memory.
  •  Avoid stress. As the stress increases, so does the memory.
  • Increase the number of friends and acquaintances and build constructive beautiful social relationships with them.

8 . Follow a different path :

Do not return home every day in the same way but return a little differently.

  • Boredom does any work that reduces the memory of the brain.
  • Studies have shown that returning home from the office or work in any other way improves memory.

9. Organize information :

Write the topics, take note of the complex topics and then rearrange them by category.

  • Try to find an explanation. Emphasize the basic concepts of more complex issues, do not try to memorize in isolation.
  •  Acquire the ability to explain complex things to others in your own language.
  • Rehearse the information over and over again and learn extra. The day you learn the subject, re-weld it and re-weld it with occasional breaks.

10. Physical exercise and proper diet :

 Physical exercise is essential for the long-term functioning of the brain.

  • The brain is constantly eroded with age.
  • And physical exercise delays this stage.
  • Physical exercise increases blood flow to the brain and maintains nerve cell production.
  • Even six minutes of physical exercise helps to increase the efficiency of the human brain.
  • Eating right has a very close relationship with brain performance.
  • Studies on rats have shown that eating more sugary foods reduces their brain function. In addition, weight gain is a mental health problem.
  • On the other hand, foods rich in omega-3, fatty acids such as salmon, walnuts and soybeans prevent degradation of the brain.

11. Things to do before going to bed :

  •  Try to learn something new before going to bed at night.
  • Try to remember what you did all day.
  • But yes, there is no substitute for adequate sleep to retain memory.
  • The sleepless body largely affects the power of the mind. So sleep must be okay.

 In this age of competition and extreme mobility, many people are losing their memory due to the pressure of work and life. Retaining memory is a challenge in a busy life. This requires the right approach. But with a little awareness, you can keep your brain functioning intact!

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