Technology for next few years

Technology is always evolving and shaping up the future of business strategies. Organizations continually try to adopt new technologies to overhaul their business infrastructure and keep up with the pace of changing market dynamics.

Technology for next few years
The future of Present technologies.

Technologies for next few years


In an era market by rapid technological  development it has never been more important for businesses to stay ahead of the curve.this however is easier said that done as found by pws's 22nd annual global CEO survey where in 28% of respondents cited the speed of technological change as one of their 10 concerns.
While staying abreast with every emerging technology might not be a easy their are a few essentials that no organisation can do without.Here are some quick facts on the technologies that are going to prove invaluable for a business survival in the next few years.

 Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence as the application of logic based techniques and advanced analysis for automation and decision making.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer that emphasizes the development of intelligence machines,thinking and working like humans.
For example solving problems, learnings and planning etc...
There are four types of artificial intelligence are as follows in following ways :
Relative machine,limited memory, theory of mind and self awareness.

Artificial intelligence generally used healthcare,BFSI,manufacturing,education sevices.

How  artificial intelligence are working ?

Artificial intelligence powered assistants can take over repetitive tasks like writing and responding to emails,entering time sheets hours,scheduling calendars,paper work and employee management.

Artificial intelligence - facts and figures

- 55% people belive that artificial intelligences potential to boost productivity out weighs employment concerns.
- 88% people think of artificial intelligence advisors as more as equally fair , compared to human.
- 51%decision makers belive that artificial intelligence powered machine learning is highly impactful.

Extended reality ( XR)

Extended reality a catch all term of virtual reality,augmented reality and other immersive technologies.
Extended reality means it is a term referring to all  real and virtual combined human and environments machine interaction generated by computer technology.
Extended reality generally used in retail , automotive , tourism , construction , architecture , gaming etc..

How extended reality working ? 

In addition to marketing extended reality is a powerful tool to help customer experience a product or services.
Businesses are also increasingly using it for prototype development immersive training and information visualisation.
The extended reality estimated users be like ,
Video gaming - 216mn
Video entertainment - 79mn
Real estate - 0.3 mn 
Engineering - 3.2 mn
Education - 15 mn
Healthcare - 3.4 mn
Military - 0.7 mn.


Blockchain means a distributed database that is temper proof , secure and decentralised. it is continuously update and change are boardcasted to the network , ensuring security .
Blockchain are generally included in BFSI , manufacturing , energy and utilities , healthcare , government.

How blockchain working ?

Blockchain is most useful when tracking assets but it can also be used to automate payments , royalties and licensing , authenticate identities , enable real time transaction level assurance and manage contract execution.
Blockchain adoption : the barriers are found that is are as follows in following way ..
Regulatory uncertainty
Lack of trust among users
Lack of interoperability
Inability to scale
Intellectual property concerns
Audit / compliance concerns

Types of blockchain are :
Public : permission is not required to join these databases, all transactions in which are public.

Private : An owner or manager must approve new entrants to the network in which transactions are private.

Hybrid : Also know as sidechain , these network allows multiple blockchain to transact with each other.

The internate  of things opportunities :

What is the revenue share of each step in the  internate of things values chain ?

Hardware : 25%
Connectivity : 5% 
Platform : 15%
Network  : 20 % 
Professional services : 35%

Unmanned vehicles

Meaning of unmanned vehicles is drones, self driving cars and other autonomous vehicles that are either remote controlled or remotely guided.
Unmanned vehicle generally logistics , ride hailing , travel , energy and utilities, rescue and emergency services.

How to use 

Through autonomous vehicles used are largely geared toward consumers , they also have application in search and rescue , disaster management , geographic mapping , surveillance , law enforcement , shipping and much more..
When people think of driverless vehicles ,the delivery of packages is the first thing that springs to mind.however business are leveraging the technology to increase the safety and efficiently of their operations.