Tips for how to protect yourself from ATM card fraud ...| theganimikava

Nowadays , generally we see fraud rates are high in the world. You often see such news in a news paper...We see the lots of frauds in that frauds One of the most common types of fraud is the ATM card fraud... In this article , we are discuss about the ATM card fraud and learn how to protect yourself from such fauds..

Tips for how to protect yourself from ATM card fraud ...| theganimikava
Security information to protect yourself from ATM card fraud ...| theganimikava

 If someone hacks your debit card or someone hacks your personal computer or laptop and steals all your personal to financial details and then makes all your money disappear from your account without your knowledge behind your back.

Unfortunately no special skill of any kind is required for debit card fraud...

How to find debit card fraud :

  • When you access your debit card , if you find that all the money is missing from your account .
  • When you have scheduled any kind of payments , mailed the check and it has bounced .
  • Or if you are unable to access your debit card then it proves that your debit card is fraudulent.
  • In this , the thief obtains the PIN of debit card and performs an unauthorized transaction .
  • Fraud can also occur when you find suspicious activity on your online banking .
  • In order to avoid fraud and stay alert from them , one should do his daily transaction .

Way to avoid debit card fraud :

Banking alert :

  • For this , you should sign up banking alerts
  • By doing this , whenever there is any kind of activity or tampering with your account or your debit card , an instant alert message will come to you from the bank .
  • This will let you know what is truth and you can take any action immediately.

Paperless :

  • Prefer online banking . Adobt paperless banking , this reduces the risk of fraud.
  • Whenever you exit the ATM , either keep the receipe with you or throw it into small dustbins.
  • This will not be able to make any use of any information related to your banking .

Destroy old debit card : 

  • If you have an old debit card that has no use then destroy it and throw it away .
  • This will not able to misuse your old information .

Use bank ATM :

  • Try that whenever you have to use the ATM , you should not use any ATM on the road , rather use the ATM installed inside the bank .
  • It is more secure than any other ATM .
  • Put password protectors on computer and mobile frequently .
  • This keeps all your confidential information secure .

Shop with credit card  :

  • It you go shopping somewhere , then buy a credit card instead of a debit card .
  • Credit cards have more security than debit cards and have fewer chances of fraud . 

Use secure network :

  • When you are some where in a public place , do not use public Wi-Fi for internet banking there , it may be to invite the fraud.
  • Run internet banking from a secured network only .

In the above article , we will discuss about how to protect yourself from ATM card fraud ... And always follow these steps discussed in the article..

These article information is very helpful for your day to day life and must read this article and increase your knowledge and stay yourself away from fraud.. 

And here we have given you information about doing an ATM fraud , if you have any questions related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, you can ask through the comment box. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.