Definition and Impact of Sustainable Landscaping...!!

Sustainability alone can have to do with our environment, our ecology, or even our economy, and although each help our nation and world in endless ways, sustainability in landscaping incorporates all three into its meaning. Sustainable landscaping it's very trending in few years...

Definition and Impact of Sustainable Landscaping...!!
Know about the sustainable landscape design...| theganimikava

First , we will see about tha sustainable landscape in following ways : 

What is sustainable landscaping ?

Basically , Sustainable landscaping is using the efficient planning of a landscape to help lower energy costs of a building, reduce water runoff, and overall help the performance of the building.  With planners and designers using pervious surfaces and native plants around their buildings for shading and native plants on the roofs of their structures to help lower energy costs and runoff respectively, buildings can help the environment and the inhabitants of the building or structure in many ways.  

  • Landscapes of a building play a much larger role than most people in today’s world believe and can really have a positive overall effect in our future to come.
  • While the logic of shareholder value creation is compelling, it is not necessarily a sufficient motivation to break old habits.
  • Many forces of change in the business environment have converged during the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, resulting in a sort of “tipping point” for adoption of corporate sustainability.

We will also discuss about the impact of the sustainable landscaping in following ways :

• Climate change anxiety :

  • Once climate change was finally acknowledged as a reality, governments, NGOs, and corporations began to seriously explore policies and technological solutions for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions; and carbon offset schemes flourished.

• Energy security :

  • Concerns over depletion of fossil fuels and dependence on imported petroleum, coupled with the problem of carbon emissions, drove investments in alternative fuels; this trend was further intensified by a sudden rise in oil prices in 2007.

• Customer awareness :

  • Both retail and industrial customers became increasingly concerned about the environmental performance of products that they purchased.
  • Major corporations began to systematically review the environmental performance of their suppliers, and many governments introduced environmentally preferred procurement policies.

• Legislative requirements :

  • A series of government directives in the European Union forced global multinationals to change their practices with regard to product design and lifecycle management similar measures were adopted in many other countries.

• Voluntary codes and standards :

  • Voluntary codes of conduct such as the Ceres principles, as well as environmental management system standards such as ISO 14001, were widely adopted by the business community as a way to demonstrate environmental responsibility.

• Eco-labeling programs :

  • A number of eco-labeling initiatives have gained acceptance by consumers around the world, and companies in the electronics, consumer products , food and beverage, and other industries are now compelled to qualify in order to remain competitive.

• Sustainability-driven investing :

  • The financial investment community has begun to recognize sustainability as an indicator of overall superior management, as exemplified by the increasing interest in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes and other rating systems.

• Transparency :

  • Public expectations for information disclosure, as well as the explosive growth of electronic communication, have made it essential for global companies to increase their level of accountability, transparency, and stakeholder engagement.

In this article , we will discuss the basic things about the sustainable landscape architecture , which help to provide greenary overall the building , in this article we will mainly discuss about what is sustainable landscape ...and the impact of the sustainable must read this article and share your thoughts in comments section...Thank you...