How to save a teenager from computer and internate addiction...| theganimikava

It is ambiguous to say that internet is good or bad - it is a fact ! but if an adult can control himself , then adolescents often become hostages of the Internet like network an video games.

How to save a teenager from computer and internate addiction...| theganimikava
How to save a teenager from computer and internate addiction...| theganimikava

A dependency is gradually forming , which further and further removes them from the real world.

Why is this happening ?

Since adolescence , communication with their peers is of great importance for children . But not everyone has a normal relationship at school or beyond.

  • The internet , with its practically unlimited possibilities , is easily becoming the main communication tool.
  • Life is never without problems , and teenagers also have a lot of them.
  • The computer allow you to leave ( or at least temporarily distract ) from real things that do not suit.
  • In addition , the teenagers , who is still forming a will , feels that by performing certain operations on social networks or participating in the game , he can be a leader.
  • Thus , virtual reality absorb a small person , preventing him from developing his true individual qualities.

How does internet addiction manifest :

  • Inability to control the time spent on the computer.
  • Loss of interest in other types of topics.
  • Irritability and even , aggressiveness , if there are obstacles when entering the internet.
  • Remoteness from others , problems in communicating with loved ones and friends.
  • The desire to hide the true amount of time spent on the internet.
  • Dull sensitivity to the shades ( nuances ) of human relationships.
  • Developing uncertainly and tension in real communication with peers.

 Addicted people perceive reality distorted :

A person suffering from any kind of addiction , according to scientists , sees the world around him in two - tone.

  • In one case, it is white : everything around is good and in its position , there is also nothing wrong and even more so dangerous.
  • In another case , it is black : where everything is catastrophically bad and there is no way out.
  • The bipolarity of perception drives the adolescent into a dead - end , accompanied by a sharp change in mood : either euphoria or depression.
  • Such a narrowly focused perception of the surrounding reality ( white - black ) in itself is already a consequence of the destruction of personality.
  • Therefore , one of the method of communication with such a person will be the return of his concept about the multicolored and vastness of the world around him.
  • Then the emotional state will gradually begin to improve.
  • Computer addiction is a kind of disease and one prohibition , such as do not sit on the internet for more than three hours , you will not achieve anything.

 How parents should act ?

  • Establishing a dialogue with your son or daughter.
  • First , you need to discuss a circle of topics that do not cause controversy.
  • The fact is that the teenager himself does not realize that he is addicted , it seems to him that at any moment he can quit everything.
  • You can invite him to record ( or example ; in his personal diary)the time he spends on the internet.
  • The main thing is to push him to think independently that the problem exists.
  • Refuse such high profile slogans. 'you can easily overcome everything.'
  • It is not so simple and he will loose faith not only in himself but also in your support.
  • You need to advance in small steps , which will require effort , but feasible , without sharp jerks bordering on a quick break down.
  • Small steps must be combined with a return to temporarily forgotten other positive emotions.
  • Each person has activities that bring him pleasure.
  • Physical activity with its regularity , according to excepts , strengthens the will , which is necessary for adolescence.
  • It is not at all necessary to achieve . High result in sports the main participation and the feeling of one's versatility.
  • Teenagers are very vulnerable to their actions , and even appearance.
  • Parents should not compare them with either brothers or sisters or with other children.
  • He must understand that he is loved for who he is and to try to improve himself.
  • In order overcome computer addiction , it is necessary to take into account the personal characteristics of each child and to develop their own individual approach to eliminating the problem.

Important notes :

When a teenager is in a trusting relationship with parents , feels their sincere support and also has diverse interests and friends then he will able to more easily  resist virtual temptations !!

In this above article , we are discuss very important topic for new generations teenagers..The important tips are discuss in article , How to protect teenagers from computer and internet addiction..

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