Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy...| theganimikava

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy - Mankind was always energy hungry. Since we started using electricity, over time there was a huge dependence on fossil fuels, we have started adopting a different source of fuel to generate electricity. Dependence on nuclear power has increased and most countries also depend on renewable form of energy to generate electricity. Some examples of this might be solar, hydropower, and wind power.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy...| theganimikava
Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy...| theganimikava

In this article, we are going to talk about wind energy which has proved to be a promising source of electricity in recent times. With wind turbines becoming more efficient, wind power is definitely a great thing.

If you want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy, then you are in the right place because we are going to discuss about wind energy in this article. Let us first look at the advantages of wind energy and then we will talk about the disadvantages of this efficient source of energy.

Benefits of wind energy :

1. Green energy :

The best thing about wind power is that it is a clean source of energy. It has a two-way effect on the environment.

  • The first effect is that we do not have to burn fossils to produce electricity, so there is a very small footprint and secondly, wind energy reduces dependence on fossils and therefore reduces carbon footprint.
  • This is one of the biggest benefits of wind energy.

2. Lower maintenance costs :

Wind energy also has low maintenance costs. Periodic maintenance is required but is limited to lubrication of machinery.

  • This is more than a long-term investment for energy production.
  • Lower maintenance costs also mean that the cost per unit of electricity will be lower.
  • This is another reason why many countries are now prioritizing wind power over other types of energy production.

3. Employment :

Apart from the benefits listed above, wind power is also helping by generating employment.

  • A workforce is required to set up wind farms and once you do, you also need a workforce to run the power plan for wind power.
  • So, directly and indirectly, wind power is also generating employment for the people.
  • When we talk of operations, the risk of working on the wind farm is very less

4. Domestic Installation :

Today, wind turbines are not limited to commercial use only.

  • Small wind turbines are available that can be installed for domestic use.
  • The advantage of these small wind turbines is that the power generated can be used to cut the cost of incoming electricity.
  • Additionally, some countries have a system in which additional power can be transferred from the government to the grid for credit.

5. Reducing Cost :

Wind turbine costs and the technology being used are also falling with each passing year.

  • The reason for this is the technological advancements in the region and the low cost has encouraged many countries to invest in wind farms.
  • Wind energy has an impact on the environment and electricity costs that people are paying to the government of their country.

You have seen the benefits of wind energy, but did you know that wind energy also has many disadvantages? That's right, wind power comes with some disadvantages and they are listed below.

Wind energy loss :

1. Expensive to setup :

The fact is that wind turbines are very cheap to maintain but they require a lot of capital for setup.

  • It is considered to be one of the biggest wind losses.
  • The cost is definitely decreasing but it is still at a high level and it discourages countries to invest in technology.
  • If the initial setup was a way to bring the cost down, it would certainly prove to be of great benefit.

2. Remote Location :

Wind turbines are installed at a remote location where the wind speed is good.

  • This means that workers will have to travel a lot for their work and furthermore, due to prolonged diastases it also increases transmission costs.
  • Sometimes, it is not possible to use wind energy due to distance from the nearest..

3. Threat to wildlife :

Wind energy is also a threat to wildlife.

  • It is believed that wind turbines increase mortality among birds and bats.
  • So, it is harming the environment in some way or by disturbing the environmental system where wind turbines are installed.
  • According to some experts, wind turbines pose similar threats to wildlife as cell phone towers.

4. Wind speed fluctuations :

The wind speed fluctuates from time to time and it also affects the energy production.

  • It is the wind speed required to produce electricity.
  • In addition, there should be a lot of research and study that must go before starting the installation.
  • Wind turbines cannot be installed in cities as the flow of air is restricted and this causes project failure.
  • This high wind speed does not grant a steady flow of electricity and is therefore not very reliable.

5. Visual and noise pollution :

Wind turbines are known to cause noise pollution, but they can also cause visual pollution.

  • Some people are fascinated to see the discovered fields, but at the same time, some people may find it disturbing and it spoils the landscape of the site.
  • But noise pollution produced by wind turbines is important.

It was all about the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy. With the increasing domestic installation, we can say that wind energy certainly has many advantages compared to the disadvantages of this clean source of energy.