Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar on the disengagement process along LAC

"very much a work in progress" says  Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar

 Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar on the disengagement process along LAC
 Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar

 Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar on the disengagement process along LAC

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday said that,   Line of Actual Control border along the disengagement process underway between the troops of India and China their is “very much a work in progress."

To the quetion related to the India- China tension on the 3,488 kilometre India-China border, S. Jaishankar said replied that, “We have agreed on the need to disengage because the troops on both sides are deployed very close to each other. So there is a disengagement and de-escalation process which has been agreed upon. It has just commenced. It is very much work in progress. So at this point I would not like to say anything more than that." The tension was high due to the voilent clash between India and China at Gallwan valley on 15 June 2020 in which India lost its 20 army personnel and the unspecified number of soilders of China were killed.

According to the people there, both sides have established buffer zones at three places of friction in Ladakh, and have pulled back troops from their previous positions. But there are still tens of thousands of troops deployed in areas close to the border alongwith tanks, artillery and air support causing tensions to stay high despite the pullback. Possibly we require many rounds of conversations between military commanders, diplomats and senior officials of the two countries, for getting the Chinese troops to vacate all the area they have encroached upon on the banks of the lake. Chinese troops have also moved back in little in the more complicated Pangong Tso lake area. 

Senior commanders of the Indian and Chinese military are to hold talks next week to discuss the second phase of the withdrawal as well as a further retreat by Chinese troops along the banks of the Pangong Tso lake.

Minister S. Jaishankar said,"My sense there is a lot of the trends that we saw before the coronavirus, they could well accelerate. What we have seen the last six months for example we have seen a lot of countries behaving more nationalistically, people, frankly, looking out for themselves. I understand it up to a point but I do see a world where many arguments will sharpen. I think there will be issues of trust that have been raised, there will questions on resilience of supply chains. So its going to be a more difficult world"

He also spoke of pendemic covid-19 in world saying that it would be a more “difficult" one with issues of trust between countries getting sharpened and would be accompanied by a rise in nationalism in countries leading to the “acceleration of a trend seen before" the outbreak of pandemic.

The comments come against the backdrop of friction among countries especially China and the US on matters of trade and protectionism besides the cause of the spread of the covid-19 pandemic for which Washington has pointed the finger of blame at Beijing.