Child Health: Best diet plan for your child in Corona era...!!

Proper nutrition is vital in the first two years of a child’s life. It helps to ensure healthy growth, strengthen their immune system and improve their cognitive development. It also reduces their risk of becoming overweight or obese, getting ill with infectious diseases, or developing chronic diseases later on in life.

Child Health: Best diet plan for your child in Corona era...!!
How to keep children healthy during covid - 19 pandemic...!! | theganimikava

Experts are advising everyone to include nutritious things in their diet due to the spread of corona worldwide. So that immunity is strong, prevention of diseases. But if we talk about children, they are fond of eating junk food. But such food can harm health and bind it to growth. In such a situation, parents need to take special care of children's diet. So, today we tell you the diet plan to maintain the health of children…

 Vitamin and protein rich things :

 It is necessary for them to drink 2 glasses of milk daily for good health of the child. But if your child refuses to drink it, you can feed it with curd, egg, etc. This helps with better growth as the body's immunity increases.

 Iron, calcium are also important :

 According to experts, children will not have to eat more fiber-rich and say no to fat-rich things.

  • But even if your child insists on drinking cold drinks, give him fresh fruits juice instead.
  • In the evening, instead of eating pizza, burgers, feed them sandwiches prepared with roasted nuts, cheese and fresh vegetables.
  • This will help them to grow well with their stomach full for a long time. Also, allow them to eat more and more fruit instead of juice.
  • This will give them the right amount of fiber. You can give it to the child by making fruit chaat.

 Say no to junk food :

 To keep the body safe from diseases, it should be kept away from junk and fast food. Consuming it in large amounts increases body fat.

  • In such a situation, increasing bad cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack and heart related diseases.
  • In Mexico, the consumption of junk and fast has been banned due to increasing obesity problem in children.
  • With this, selling chips, candy, soda, cigarettes and liquor to children is being considered a crime.
  • In fact, there were about 73 percent of children considered overweight, of which 34 percent were severely obese.
  • But this problem is being found in every country of the world today. Another reason for increasing obesity is believed not to exercise.

 Molasses eliminates bacteria in fast food :

  •  According to a research, most children consume fast food 3 to 3 times a week.
  • Surprisingly, despite knowing how bad this food is for health, they consume it.
  • A study in the UK also found that consuming junk and fast food in large amounts kills the jaggery bacteria present in the intestines, which will give the power to work digestion better and keep weight under control. 

 Motivate children to eat healthy food :

  •  If your child refuses to eat homemade food.
  • Tell him about nutritious things. Apart from this, make them burgers or pizzas by making tikkis with green vegetables and sprouts.
  • This will make it tastier to eat and will also reduce the risk of getting diseases.

 Steam food will remain best :

  •  For the physical development of the child, feeding him Steam Food Italy, Dosa etc. is beneficial.
  • If you are a non vegetarian then baked chicken would be perfect. Pasta can also be mixed with chicken pieces.
  • It will get the right amount of iron, vitamins and calcium. If the child does not like sprouts, then make them sandwiches and parathas.

 Keep away from junk food :

  •  To stay healthy, stay as far from junk and fast food as possible.
  • This increases the risk of developing a child with the risk of developing diseases.
  • Actually, the body needs calcium, iron, and protein the most in old age. This should feed him a simple and balanced diet.
  • With the strengthening of the muscles and bones of the child, there is no lack of nutrients in the change of hormones.
  • For good health, drink lukewarm water in the morning and eat plenty of nutrients throughout the day.

 Eat 5-6 times a day :

  •  Instead of eating more than one meal at a time, eat 5-6 times a day. For this, eating dry fruits, chia seeds, oatmeal, milk, curd, boiled eggs will be beneficial.
  • Fresh fruit and sprouts can be consumed in the evening between breakfast and lunch, juice or smoothie in the evening time.
  • Dinner around 8 pm and eat dal, chapati, vegetable, roasted chicken. Also, chew the food thoroughly - chew it only.
  • Take 15 minutes walk after dinner. Save turmeric milk before bedtime.

This makes the digestive system strong and reduces the risk of diabetes and blood pressure problems.

  • Along with getting peace of mind, weight remains under control. Apart from this, do yoga and exercise in the open air in the morning.

 Do follow these mantras of health :

  •   Feed dry fruits, flaxseed and chia seeds to children who are vegetarian.
  •   Include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. This increases the body's resistance as the weight remains in control.
  •   Eat 5-6 times a day instead of eating it all at once.
  •  To keep heart and kidney healthy, consume less salt.
  •  For the better development of the brain, include the things from Omega Three Fat to the diet.
  •  Do yoga and exercise daily.
  •  Decide the time to sleep and wake up.
  •   Eat diary products, fresh fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, chicken and eggs to complete protein deficiency in the body.
  •   To prevent weight gain, consume less salt and sugar.
  •  Instead of cold drinks, drink coconut water, fresh juice.

In above article , basically we will discuss about the children health...and healthy diet during covid 19 very important topic because children have low immunity ...we will see any types of diseases atttacks so fast in their , must follow these health mantras which explain in above article and keep your children healthy and happy..must read this article and share your experiences and opinions in comments section...

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Note - The information and suggestions given in this article are based on general information. The Ganimikava does not confirm this. Experts should be consulted before implementing this.