What is Jio Giga Fiber Broadband? | Jio Fiber Plans | how much speed you are going to get?

We base Jio Gigabit Fiber to the Home on FTTH. FTTH means that if you need internet service, a cable connection will be provided to your home. Now the cable you get to the Internet, they cannot provide the Internet at this speed. The cable used for this service provides better than the first connection or the existing cable. It will provide top speed connectivity and better online gaming experience.

What is Jio Giga Fiber Broadband? | Jio Fiber Plans | how much speed you are going to get?
how much Giga Fiber Broadband speed
What is Jio Giga Fiber Broadband? | Jio Fiber Plans | how much speed you are going to get?

Jio Gigabit Fiber is a fixed-line broadband connection, with speeds of up to 100 Mbps available, making it easy to run services like 4K videos, smart home, and online gaming without interruption. The Jio Gigafiber Broadband will come in a set-top box. This will enable the TV to run via voice command. The partner will also run the internet which will also feature TV calling.

Mukesh Ambani said that we will now provide innovative fiber-based broadband connectivity solutions for all households, businesses, small and medium enterprises, and large enterprises in 1100 cities of the country. We have over 25 million Reliance Jio phone subscribers in India, now we are taking Jio phone capability to the next level.


Jio Gigafiber How much speed are you going to get?

The Jio Company will currently primarily offer two unique plans to the consumer as it became known in its pilot phase that it could include two plans, 50Mbps and 100Mbps. While some sources also say that their network speed range will be 100 Mbit / s and 1 Gbit / s. The rest cannot say until it is officially announced.

Jio Fiber plans start at Rs 700 per month and go up to Rs 10,000. In Jio Fiber, you get a data speed of at least 100 Mbit / s. Depending on the aircraft, this data speed is up to 1 Gbit / s. Detailed information on Jio Gigafiber's plans and tariffs can be found on the company's website on September 5, 2019. Subscribers also receive the Unlimited International Calling Pack in the United States and Canada. The starter package costs Rs 500 per month. Reliance Jio Gigafiber subscribers receive a free landline connection. Users can configure the Jio Call app in up to 4 smartphones and use the app as a landline. You can also make video calls with this app. Jio forever plans to include free 4K LED TVs for subscribers on select packages. Jio Forever Plan subscribers also receive a 4K set-top box for free. Subscription to the included free OTT app is also available in Jio Forever plans.


What to do to take Jio Gigafiber first?

To take Jio Gigafiber, you must first register on the official website. Click here to register. Your name, address and other data must be entered for registration. You will then receive OTP on your registration mobile number. If a Jio Gigafiber service is available in your area, you will receive a call from Jio Executive. The executive confirms the information given to you. You will need an ID such as a driver's license, Aadhar card or voter ID. And you can use Jio Gigafiber Broadban