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All marketers leverage the power of such email marketing to nurture leads and influence the best purchase decisions. When properly executed email marketing can also promote customer engagement and retention. Other tools such as this social best media marketing and SEO have also hit the internet. As the best result, we have marketed these channels well. They spend a significant amount of time and resources on harnessing the potential of these channels. This has led many people to consider the fate of better email marketing. Is email marketing dead? It looks like this is a very important question. Which continues to plague brands and even the best digital marketers? This question has become more meaningful considering growing privacy concerns.

Is Email Marketing Dead 2020? value of email marketing | theganimikava
how effective is free email marketing | theganimikava
Is Email Marketing Dead 2020? value of email marketing | theganimikava

Understanding Email Marketing

When you understand the value of email marketing, it's important to understand what it isn't.

This amateur marketer is often confused with the mass mailing as email marketing. Spamming enough people with expert email promotions is not the same as email marketing.

Email marketing is the best way to send personalized and targeted emails to all potential and existing customers.

You can use a lot of excellent email marketing to send good information about your latest discounts and offers, and you can also send great valuable content in the form of insightful newsletters.

Email marketing campaigns that succeeded beyond mass sending. This requires special planning and an in-depth understanding of all your customers. Most importantly, sending your best emails at the right time and the maximum frequency is just as important.


When executed well, such email marketing can help you build a good long-term relationship with your specific audience. You can all use it to strengthen your best brand reputation and strengthen brand trust. That is one of the most cost-effective forms of direct mail. Now let's try to answer the most important question, "Is Email marketing dead?”



Is Email Marketing Dead? Here’s What the Numbers Say

Even though many marketers fear that the best email marketing is a lost cause, there are others who are still convinced of its potential. Checking the latest email marketing statistics will provide some good insights into this debate and can help answer any questions.


  • Reach


  • In 2018, the total number of email users in the world exceeds 3.8 billion, according to Statistics. We hope that the number will reach 4.7 billion by 2023.

  • In addition, the total number of emails sent and received in 2018 is over 280 billion every day. We have increased that number to 347 billion by 2023.

  • It's also important to note that 99% of email users check their inbox every day. Another survey revealed that over 50% of respondents in the United States check their emails 10 times a day. They also agreed that e-mail was the source of their choice of brand renewal.


  • Despite the increasing number of social messaging applications, e-mail is still often preferred as a millennial communication tool. In fact, in 2017, 91% of US users in the US group aged 15 to 24 used email.



We ask the most important question "Is email marketing dead? This very important question becomes more meaningful after all the best social media platforms. Most of you are potential and all good users are already. One of the best is to use a media platform.

However, the level of involvement on this platform is a different story. According to competitors, the average level of engagement for each post on Facebook in 2018 is only 0.16 percent.

The average engagement rates per post on Instagram and Twitter were 1.73% and 0.046%, respectively.

This is disappointing considering that many active social media users. The difference is because social media platforms have changed their own algorithms to limit organic access to your posts. This is an effort to attract more brands to social media advertising.

In another study, Gate Rains analyzed 4 billion emails sent between July and December 2018.

This shows that email has a better chance to attract the attention of your audience.


Is Email Marketing Dead? The Recipients’ Perspective

The rise of messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger can make you question whether the email is still in vogue. However, as discussed earlier, research shows that e-mail is still the preferred choice for communication.

This is especially true when consumers search for information from brands. Instead of receiving annoying text messages about it, they will read detailed emails about new products. E-mail is just as popular among millennial who understand technology.

In fact, according to Cell Cycle, 59% of consumers claim that their purchasing decisions are influenced by email marketing.

All you have to do is send them the right presentation and use the accents associated with it. Using personalized essay lines will probably attract their attention.

From a user's perspective, email is not messy. Instead, it is the preferred communication tool for communicating with others and getting new information. Email marketing for consumers is not dead yet.

When a customer receives valuable content and offers from your brand, they look forward to your email.

Is Email Marketing Dead? The Verdict

Continue to use email with the latest studies showing that email marketing is still here. This slow death is not dying. Actually, it's far from death. It has more reach, which is more than a combination of all social media platforms.


In addition, it also offers a significant ROI of 4400%. Therefore, when executed correctly, an email marketing campaign can be effective. This can help you win new customers and retain existing ones.

There are often heated debates around topics that are often ignored. In fact, email deaths are articles that will always be in the marketer's leap, like direct marketing. Individuals and businesses use it the same way today, and we see no reason they should stop it.


If we think in these terms, and if we listen closely to the more recent stats, white papers and reports on email marketing, we can say with almost 100% accuracy, that email is actually shifting from the private inbox, on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.


First of all, if you have a website for your business and potential customers want to be real customers, you need to bring them into your email list. It doesn't matter what business you are in, especially if you are online, an email list is a key to attracting people to your service or product.


To manage your email list, you will need an email service provider. For this, I would recommend Get Response. I've tried very few email service providers, and I can say that Gate Response gives you the best value for your money.