How to love and healthy yourselves to the fullest ...| ganimikava

Health is not just about the absence of disease, but rather the presence of enthusiasm and aspiration, an ability to learn at every stage of life.

How to love and healthy yourselves to the fullest ...| ganimikava
Healthify yourself and love yourselves to the fullest ...| ganimikava

It encourages one to be on and stay on  a path of happiness and tranquility but this happiness is intervened by our own carelessness and busy life style.

  • Our busy and trepidatious lifestyle is diminishing our health to such an extent which is beyond one’s imagination. And one such consequence of such a lifestyle is obesity.
  • Obesity is not just a state of health or size of the body it is far beyond it, if you will deep dive into the concept. Obesity not just degrade our health physically but also shatters our emotional health and self-confidence. Every problem can be solved, if we adorned it’s solution with fortitude.

Now there are four proven and plausible ways to control fat and stay healthy.

1.Fitness :

Fitness is like a relationship; the only way to sustain it is through love, commitment and daily efforts.

  • In today’s world we spend maximum time working or sitting in front of screens. According to science, human body is designed for working physically.
  • Absence of workout in life is one of the major reason for obesity and many serious diseases.
  • Heart attack and other heart problems have become common among people.
  • We all know that prevention is better than cure and fitness is both prevention and cure for the obesity.

Fitness doesn’t need dozens of protein shakes or bills of gym , what it requires is will power.

Fitness is not the game of a day or two , so it requires strong willpower to be continued.

Yoga , walking and being active whole day can helps you to maintain your fitness without even spending a penny.

2. Maintain a balance diet :

Dieting is just a myth. According to majority of people to get rid of their fat , one should avoid overeating and should switch on to dieting.

  • But according to science dieting slows the process of reducing fat because eating less results in drop of metabolic rates.
  • So, to melt the fat , we need a proper balance diet nourished with carbs , proteins and vitamins and plenty of water.

3. Eat local and relish life :

Nature has gifted us diversity.

  • Every place has it’s own specialities, culture and food. Our body adapts the surroundings impeccably and this is the reason why local food suites the one best.
  • It’s better to have the local food without counting calories than to have calorie free packaged food because these so called packed foods are only good for the companies who manufactures and earn profit from commodities.

4. Live a tension free life and don’t count calories :

Sleep plays a major role in reducing our fat because our all hard work gives it’s result when we sleep.

  • Sleep also increases our productivity along with reducing our fat.
  • Counting calories can interrupt your sleep and it’s of now use because good calories reduces our fat and balance diet can never make you fat.

In above article , we will give message about how to love yourself and  how to keep healthy yourself must read this article and share your thoughts in comments section...

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