Learn what a healthy diet is and the rules of eating | theganimikava

Nowadays, leaving the basic needs of the body, food has become something to satisfy people's minds. Food is not good if I do not mean delicious (peppers, spicy oils, samosas, and kachoris). Friends, let me tell you one thing if you continue to eat this kind of food nowadays, our mentality, and health will deteriorate rapidly, and we will soon lose our age Should we eat to fill our stomachs? Should we eat only steamed food? Should we eat when we are hungry? Should we eat food good for our health? Should we consider better health? Should we eat for a living? Should we eat fried and fried foods?

Learn what a healthy diet is and the rules of eating | theganimikava
Learn what a healthy diet is and the rules of eating | theganimikava
Learn what a healthy diet is and the rules of eating | theganimikava

The benefits of a healthy diet are the foundation of your healthy life. The food you eat determines your health. The more food you eat, the healthier you will be. Eating a healthy diet can be difficult, but living a healthy life is important. Along with physical activity, a nutritious and balanced diet is also the basis of good health. A healthy diet includes high levels of Bali protein, carbohydrates, heart-healthy, vitamins, minerals and water.


What is a Healthy Diet ?

A healthy diet means foods that are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, iron, protein and diets that keep you healthy and healthy and keep you away from diseases.

Benefits of Healthy Food (Diet)

  • A healthy booster diet will help you focus on any task.
  • Good food will improve energy levels.
  • Healthy eating leads to weight loss.
  • There is less desire to eat healthy food.
  • Healthy Eating healthy will help you sleep better.
  • A healthy diet keeps the brain, body, and bones strong.
  • Potassium-rich foods reduce the risk of kidney disease and blood pressure.
  • Consumption of green vegetables and fruits can prevent serious diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart attack, etc.
  • Healthy eating can give you a long life.

Be careful not to run out of nutrients

  • Nowadays fruits and vegetables are not mostly organic, we use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in it. It acts as a food poison, so fruits and vegetables should be washed or peeled and eaten or cooked.
  • Vegetables when cooking vegetables, they should be given as much water as they are cooked, vegetables should not be thrown away after boiling. If it is necessary to remove it, mix it with some other things so that its food is not wasted.
  • Ables Vegetables, lentils, and other foods, chili spices, ghee, oil, and cooking over high heat deplete their nutrients.
  • Any fruits and vegetables should be washed before cutting because after washing all the vitamins, minerals, salts are removed from the inside of the fruits and vegetables.
  • Ice rice should be covered and cooked; we should use less water while cooking rice.
  • Cooking does not use spices or chemicals when cooking.

Information related to food is necessary for healthy

  1. What is lost in fear, anger, fear, etc.? The food is not digested well.
  2. Food should only be taken when hungry.
  3. Do not eat immediately after exercise and extreme physical fatigue.
  4. Do not drink large amounts of water while eating.
  5. Drink water 1 hour before and 1 hour before eating.
  6. One should not sleep immediately after eating.
  7. Food should be chewed slowly and eaten properly.
  8. Do not eat excessive spices and fried foods.
  9. Avoid stale food (hot again).
  10. Light or soft dinner that digs quickly.
  11. Drink lemon juice or lemon water immediately after meals.
  12. Eat salad together with food while eating.
  13. If possible, eat fruit and some dry food.
  14. Stop drinking tea or coffee after 10 p.m.
  15. Anyone who is vegetarian should definitely eat (a milk product) such as milk, cheese, curd cheese, ghee.
  16. Stop eating foods like cold, cold cream, ice cream, Cola, Pepsi, cold drink.
  17. Must fast a day or two a month.
  18. Non-vegetarians should eat eggs 2 days a week, meat fish 2 days and vegetarian food for the rest of the day.
  19. Boil water and drink soft and cold.
  20. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten or cooked immediately after slicing.
  21. Only eat organically grown fruits and vegetables.


Calorie chart

Depending on the age of a person, the amount of calories they receive is usually determined. For example, more than one child needs more calories than an older person. Men and women who lead an active life need more calories than someone who leads a sluggish lifestyle.


You need calorie intake in basic age


Small children ——————————— 2 to 8 ————————————— 1000 to 1350


         Women who live actively ————— 14 to 30 ————————————— 2400


          Women live a sluggish lifestyle - 14 to 30 ———————————— 1700 to 2000


          Men who live actively —————— 14 to 30 ——————————— 2750 to 2600


         Men with a healthy lifestyle - 14 to 30 ———————————— 2000 to 2650

       Women and men from an active age of 30 years - 2200 to 2900, Women and men in a healthy lifestyle from 30 years old - 1750 to 2250