Main Fashion Trends in Fall - Winter for 2020...| theganimikava

The fashion of the coming fall of 2019 is so diverse that it is difficult to cover all the fashion trends of Fall-Winter 2019-2020 in one article. I decided to focus only on the most “wearable” ones. But be sure - whatever your style is, among fashion trends you will surely find something cool for yourself.

Main Fashion Trends  in Fall - Winter for 2020...| theganimikava
Top Fashion Trends in Fall - Winter for 2020...| theganimikava

If you like minimalism or, conversely, you like complex sets - this fall, among fashion trends, you will find new original ideas. If you love color, a sea of ​​delightful shades awaits 

Planning a chic work wardrobe this fall? Lots of brands and designers are ready to make your office look trendy and original!

The fall / winter 2019-2020 collections have plenty to choose from if you want vibrant colors, bold prints and bold silhouettes. But if you want simple but luxurious things and looks in the fall of 2019, there are many elegant things in fashion collections that you can safely mix with each other.

I have collected  top fashion trends from fashion weeks in New York, Milan, London and Paris.

Trend 1  : Bougie Girl

Fall 2019 and winter 2020 are the time of the revival of the chic classic look of the 70s girl.

  • A classic wardrobe of silk blouses, feminine dresses and pleated skirts and jackets will help you turn into a bourgeois beauty of the seventies.
  • The 70s fashion trend has been with us for several years, but it has never been as clearly defined as in the upcoming season.

Trend 2 : Bright colors

  • This trend is not for the timid - to wear bright pulsating tones in gray autumn, and even from head to toe, this, admittedly, takes courage.
  • But even if Max Mara, loved by all “classics”, opened her Fall-Winter 2019-2020 fashion show with bright shades of turquoise, cobalt and yellow, then maybe we should try it too?

 Trend 3 : Power Suit

Fashion autumn-winter 2019-2020 brought to the catwalk a real Lady with a strong character, businesslike, decisive and of course high class. Therefore, the Power Suit, a men's suit reimagined for “women in careers,” is becoming the new must-have of a woman's wardrobe, be it a de-structured tuxedo or a new ultra-chic interpretation of a trouser suit.

Trend 4 : Dark Romance

Feminine floral dresses - a strong fashion trend of the last seasons has become a key one for the fall-winter 2019-2020 season.

  • There are more of these dresses this fall than ever. For the cold season 2019-2020, designers offer larger floral motifs on a dark background.
  • Floral dresses in the style of the 40s are especially relevant.
  • But not only on dresses, you will find romantic flowers on the lining of coats and even inside bags.

Trend 5 : Leather

Leather is the main element present in the collections of autumn and winter 2019 2020.

  • Not only dresses and coats, in the autumn collections leather trousers, details and even classic suits to which leather gives a completely new character.
  • And not only in black, we will also see skin in intense and unexpected hues, such as reds and oranges.

Trend 6 : Tweed

Tweed ... again! It's trending every cold season, but let's face it: what a winter without warm, cozy tweed? These are really great classics to have in your wardrobe, especially in the form of a coat and jacket. For Fall / Winter 2019 - 2020, we'll see (and hopefully wear!) A lot of tweeds. How fashionable to wear tweed in winter 2020? In the form of men's suits, of course, for a guaranteed Lady-Boss effect.

Trend 7 : Cage

In the fashion collections of winter 2020, a lot of things in a cage! And many designers have presented the checkerboard, both in different versions, such as rhombuses, "Prince of Yale" and checkerboard style in contrasting colors.

Trend 8 : New minimalism

The updated minimalism in the fall of 2019 is no longer so conceptual, angular and voluminous.

  • The Row, Jil Sander, Loewe and Lemaire were dominated by more compact silhouettes, thick fabrics and original designs, while Fendi, Stella McCartney and Tod's offered updated classics with interesting details, making them a no-nonsense timeless classic.

 Trend 9 : Grunge

The two main fashion trends for fall-winter 2019-2020 are two opposites.

  • In contrast to the bourgeois aesthetics of the 70s, a return to the grunge of the 90s is more relevant than ever.
  • While at Versace we saw ripped things, a cage, underwear and leopard coats, Agnona made grunge luxurious by wrapping the models in cashmere and layered sets with plaid shirts.

Where this trend was not evident, it manifested itself in the form of shoes - black short boots, for example in the collections: Prada, Chloé, Tod's, Bottega Veneta, The Row and Marni.

Trend 10 : New animalier

What's the most aggressive fall 2019 fashion trend? Of course, these are animal prints that continue to march on the catwalks.

Animalier has become one of the longest-running trans-seasonal trends in recent seasons.

This fall and winter it will be good to have a piece of the jungle in your wardrobe as a fashionable accent in your wardrobe. But be prepared: even the animalier changes color! Of course, the leopard, having long become a classic, is present in many collections , but in the fall of 2019 and winter of 2020, tigers and zebras are favorites of fashion!

In these above article we are discuss about top fashion trends from fashion weeks in New York, Milan, London and Paris...

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