Tips of Health care remedies to improve our immunity...

Tips of Health care remedies to improve our immunity...

Health care remedies to improve our immunity...

Monsoon has begun and its really the time to enjoy the showers, thunder cracks and cool climate.But this is the time to be more carefull too.Since there are chances of a number of disease to get spread which starts from common cold, fever, dengue, cough, throat infections, cholera, leptospirosis etc.

What are the steps we can take to prevent such conditions. It is always said as the saying goes "Prevention is better than cure". So let us begin prior to that.

There are simple tricks and home remedies which gives us great relief without any side effects.This can be started by using the plants which grows in our garden.They include plants like mexican mint, tulsi, guava leaves etc.

Let us start with mexican mint.In malayalam language it is called as panikoorka, in tamil as karpooravalli and so on. As the name sugests they are used against fever, cough, common cold, throat infection etc.

This plant is a perennial herb and grows faster.They are easy to be cultivated and grows very well with little amount of water.Not much manuring is needed.

How to use it as immunity booster? For this purpose we depend on the leaf of the mexican mint.In case of babies we just steam the leaves and squeeze out the juice then mix with little honey or mothers milk and feed baby.Adding of honey or milk os done to mask the taste, which is slightly pungent which causes hesitation in babies.This juice can be hiven if babies shows some fever symptoms or cold, sneezing.

Now in adults, leaf can be steamed and juice can be taken directly but try to have it thrice a day for better result.The amount of juice depends on leaves.Better to take 2 teaspoon thrice a day.

And another option is that we can make hot soup by adding five to eight mexican mint leaves, tulsi leaves some black pepper, jaggery. Take one glass of water add all the above ingredients boil them and make it to half a glass quantity then consume the hot drink.This will really help a lot to relieve fever, cough and throat infection.

Tulsi leaves are also used for treating cough their leaves can increase immunity to fight against infection and fever.

Then lemon and honey are also great medicines.Lemons are rich sources of

Vitamin C. Vitamin C act as immunity boosters.

So it is always wise to use such home remedies before taking other means of treatments.The main boon of this natural sources are they won't cause any harmful side effects.