Impact of COVID-19 on social life..

Information on COVID-19, the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus.

Impact of COVID-19 on social life..

Impact of COVID-19 on social life

Covid-19, the most commonly heard and used word for the last four months.When this pandemic virus originated in China,the rest of the people in the world was under fear but later when it started to distribute itself across countries, from people to people ,the disease really converted in to disaster.

When the corona virus reached India our prime minister took the decision to seal the whole nation, were the people had to stay at home under strict conditions.This was really anew experience for the entire nation.The busy days cooled down, everybody had enough and more time for themselves. Even though it was really hard for each of us, but for the betterment of each of us we agreed to it.

We were not able to think a day without giving a hug to friend, without a hand shake, an evening without a friendship gathering but slowly we accepted everything.All started wearing masks, practiced social distancing.

It was just like a time pass for people to step out from the houses with or without any reasons, wandering here and there spend time happily but we all changed a lot , learnt to step out only "if there is a need".

During childhood days we used to pray not to go to school nor to write exam and all such prayers were answered by the creator.Everything came to a shut down schools, offices, hotels, restaurants etc.

Even all the worship places remained closed, there was no public transportation.The economy of entire nation got affected.Many of them lost their daily jobs and means of income.The goverment is trying hard to put everything back to form.

Everybody had lots of time to be with family and we are still continuing the same to defeat this deadly pandemic.