The best kept secrets about how to choose a career...| theganimikava

A career is one of the most important aspects of everyone's life . So , before you choose the right career , you must know about yourself , like your values , interest , soft skill and altitudes..Etc. you need to study all these things of yourself is important.

The best kept secrets about how to choose a career...| theganimikava
A secrets about how to choose a career...| theganimikava

Actually if you look at it that way so , the career success is really depends on the individual . In that few peoples belives success is measured by  financial and material accumulation. Other base career success on recognition and popularity. And many others people's are believe that real career success comes only through helping others or making a contribution to society.

Career success can come when you achieve inner satisfaction through the continuing realization of the following :

  •  Your deepest and most cherished life values in every major endeavor ( i.e  home  work , school , and leisure ).
  •  And it also depends on your opportunity and inspiration to use and develop current and desired skills.
  •  Your excitement about past , current and future achievement it's also needs to be kept in mind.

What is career ?

Choosing a career to live a successful career is called as career. In the opinion of experts , the definition of career is something like this..

  • Experience related to human work and business.
  • Lifetime employment or business chain.
  •  Choosing a profession such as law , medicine , military.. etc in which there are obvious way to move forward .
  •  Moving forward in an organization.

Career means a way of life and a profession is used to mean a certain future in a particular field , but in this article we will discuss about career and profession as synonymous...

Choosing a good career for oneself means that one choose a source of livelihood that suits one's health , abilities and  inclination so that one can make more progress in this particular profession and not feel tried or exhausted from working .
It means You feel satisfaction and happiness...

Why is a career important ?

Life is the name of constant struggle.everyone needs material resources to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to us as noble creatures.

  • The head of a family is the basic necessities of life for his family to provide food , clothing , shelter , education and treatment so that every member of the family can grow up with dignity , gain a place in society and fulfill their social responsibilities.
  • In order to provide material resources , a person employs or engages business so that his economic activities result in the provision of material resources that can meet his/her and his/her family's needs to this economic activity ( employment or business ) in his career is based on this career he/she gets respect and place in society and because of this he/she fulfills his desired for himself and his children , siblings and other dependents.
  • Providing food , clothing , shelter , education and medical resources is the responsibility that can not be avoided.
  • In order to fulfill this responsibility of human society.

There is a constitution and this is the only way to achieve a dignified place in society.

 Sociologist have identified the following needs that motivate human life :

1) Medical / physical needs :

These includes food , clothing , shelter . Until these needs are met , nothing can motivate a person.

2) Protection :

 Protection from fear of loss and danger to life . Deprivation of employment / employment , property , food , protection from fear of deprivation of clothing is a human need to fulfillment of this need motivates you.

3) The needs of society : 

It is a human nature to live together. To live together and live with others , one has to pay for each other's rights . Paying for these rights is a social need.

4) Inner feelings : 

After fulfilling the above needs , a feeling of strength , dignity and confidence is created in a person .

These feelings gives a person heartfelt happiness and satisfaction which is very important for a successful life.

Job or business ?

Whether you have a job or a business you are actually meeting the needs of your life.

  • Your business is your profession as well as your job.
  • The condition for success is that you have complete the plan in this regards and your development.
  • Some thinker says that , no matters what the profession is , it's true status can not be different from that of a trader.
  • A basket hauler is actually a trader who earns his living by selling his physical labor.
  • A clerk working in an office is also a business man who earns money by selling his mental labor and a shopkeeper is also a businessman who sells his good and accumulates whether.
  • As well as lawyer's , doctors , engineers , administrators everyone.
  • There are traders , everyone is providing their livelihood by selling their skills , energy , labor and wealth in the world market.

In this process , through which means does a person feel the most happiness and in which means he/she uses he/she ability to the highest degree through this means and the scholarly understanding of the thing and it's conscious choice is called as career choice.

Career choice ?

Career choice is also important topic in our career . If you look at the economic activity around you , you will see that all people's do there kind of work.

1) Pratical work :

  • These are the work in which the worker is engaged in a process with his own hands by which a machine , device or part moves.Such a engineer , pilot , farmer , computer operator etc.

2) Paper work : 

  • Any work related to correspondence , writing , reading and statistics such as accountant , journalist , architect , secretary ...Etc.

3) Public / personal work : 

Job in which the employee is more concerned with the public or different people fall into the category such as doctor , teacher , air hostess ...Etc.

  • Consciously or unconsciously , every young person starts to like certain professions during their education.
  • In the background of this choice , the professions of his family members , the professions of his friend's , fathers or brothers , the professions of national heroes or any special personality depends on one's mental attachment and devotion .
  • When young people reach the crossroads of life where they are in the stage of their professional education . 

In this article , we are only try to express the view on how to choose a career. May be in this article , helps you to enhance your knowledge and with the help of this article , you will be able to make your career related decision quickly and correctly.

Please read this article and share me about your opinion and experience in comment section ...