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A career in food science and technology, do you want to pursue a career in food science and technology? If you want information about making food science and technology in your career, you will find all the information through this post. In this post, I have mentioned career scope, jobs, best college, etc. in food science.

How to become Food Science and Technology | Best Career Scope  |theganimikava
How to become Food Science and Technology | theganimikava
How to become Food Science and Technology | Best Career Scope  |theganimikava

How to become Food Science and Technology | Best Career & Scope

Food means that food is a very important part of any organism's life. At the same time, it is important that whatever food we eat is healthy. To that end, food companies are working to make their food products even healthier and more standardized. Therefore, these companies demand food technology experts from time to time.

In this case, if you also want to have a career in food science, then after 12th you can be a part of this industry by taking a course related to food science. In this, for admission, it is necessary that the candidate should have passed 12th Science stream or 12th candidate should have passed Home Science.

To do the same B.Tech in Food Science and Technology, the candidate should have passed 12th from the PCM subject. Its term is 4 years. Admission is available only on the basis of the entrance test. But in some colleges, I also base direct admission on the marks obtained in the twelfth. It will take a lot of hard work to get admission in this course from institutions like IIT.

  • Career Scope in Food Science and Technology

There are a lot of job opportunities in food science as it is a fast-emerging field. The way the population is growing all over the world. In such a situation, providing adequate and healthy food to this population is no less of a challenge. At present, many companies have stepped into this field; where degree and diploma holders in food science and technology are always in demand.


The food science sector is growing at an annual rate of 12 to 15 percent. Therefore, career options are also growing in this area. There are attractive job opportunities for those with a Food Science degree in Pharma, Agro, FMCG, Dairy, Food Packaging, Bakery, etc. There is no shortage of jobs in the private sector. May have a chance,

There are also vacancies in various government agencies and laboratories in the public sector. You can apply here and get a job. Many firms working under the Food Corporation of India are also food technology graduates. Initially, the candidate is also provided as a trainee, during which he gets a salary of about Rs 20,000. The duration of this training is 6 months. As soon as this training is completed, the candidates are promoted on the basis of their abilities and qualifications. In this field, the starting salary is easily 15 to 20 thousand. If you do a course from a good college like IIT, a very attractive salary package starts from the beginning. As your experience grows, so does your salary.


Career Option in Food Science


Food science is an emerging career. In this, you can get the opportunity to work in the following positions like-

  1. Food production manager
  2. Food technologist
  3. Quality manager
  4. Nutritional and Supplement Therapist
  5. Process development scientist
  6. Product researcher
  7. Food purchasing manager
  8. Regulatory Affairs Officer
  9. Laboratory technician
  10. Food researcher scientist


  • What is food science and technology?

Food science and technology is an article about the food processing industry. Physical and chemical processes are used to convert raw ingredients into food and other forms. Due to which food products are made edible. Through it, food products are made for long-term use and consumption.

Due to food science and technology, food systems have developed well all over the world. Foods made with the help of food scientists are easy to eat healthy, delicious, and delicious.

Food scientists work with attractive packaging as well as making foods safe and nutritious. These people make the best use of resources and work.


Food Science and Technology Course

  1. Diploma in Food Food Science
  2. Diploma in Food Processing
  3. Diploma in Food Preservation and Technology
  4. BSC in Food Science
  5. BSc in Biotechnology (Food Biotechnology)
  6. Be in Food Technology
  7. MSc in Food Technology
  8. MSc in Food Science
  9. MSc in Home Science
  10. MTech in Food Technology
  11. PhD in Food Technology
  12. BSC in Food Science and Technology
  13. Bachelor in Food Processing Technology (B Tech)
  14. BSc in Home Science
  15. BE in Food Technology Engineering
  16. BSC in Food Technology
  17. B Tech in Chemical Technology (Food Technology)

Best College for Food Technology Course


  1. IIT Gohati
  2. IIT Kharagpur
  3. Chandigarh University
  4. Punjab University
  5. Pondicherry University
  6. Central Food Processing Research Institute, Karnataka
  7. Amity University, Noida
  8. JNU School of Life Sciences
  9. Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology, Tamil Nadu
  10. National Dairy Research Institute, Haryana
  11. Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi
  12. International Life Sciences Institute, Delhi
  13. Calicut University
  14. Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, etc.


  • Entrance Examination for Food Technology Course

Admission to B.Tech in Food Technology and Science and Biotechnology is through the entrance test only. For this, students can take the All India Joint Entrance Examination. To be admitted in IIT College, candidates have to qualify as JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Anyone can get admission in IISc Bangalore through GATE Entry Examination. At the same time, private colleges and universities also conduct entrance examinations.