Self Defence...

Self defense is necessary in order to protect oneself from being harmed. Many of the jurisdiction laws have given the right of self defense under the section of IPC 96-106 which has some conditions to protect the law.

Self Defence...
Self defence
Self Defence...
Self Defence...
Self Defence...
Self Defence...
Self Defence...
Self Defence...

Self Defence...

What is self Defence?
The word Self-defence itself says what does it means. 
Defending ourselves from any voilating, harming or dangerous action. Protecting our well-being and health from harm is slef defence.
Self defence is a counterattack or countermeasure for one's protect.
It can be physical using harming or verbal action.
Many jurisdictions have given the selff defence as a legal justification in times of danger.  

Why to learn self defence?

This question arises in many of the minds that why should we learn self defense if we are in protective surrounding, our we don't go out of the house alone and if anything happens we can handle it.. many more.
So, what if when someone attacks you inside your own house? What if someone comes with a gun, knife or any other weapon  to threat you? 
To deal with such difficult situation one need to have knowledge of self-defence. 
Mostly, womens are at high risk so they need to be preapred everytime. You can see many of harassment cases in the real-time are being filed. As in todays world
every women is being independend, so they need to be strong physically and mentaly to fight against any of the situation.

When to use self defence?

No one knoows when a situation can be dangerous and what would be the next move. 
In the dangerous situations that can harm one's health and well-being.  
If anyone is harrasting or  bullying  you, as a countermeasure to protect yourself you can use physical self defense techinques.
Fight with words, to end such conflicts you use verbal self defence.  

What is Physical Self defence?

Physical defence can be armed on unarmed. It is the defence based on force of our body for defending oneself.
Its  a part of immediate threat voilence.
Success depents on physical and mental preaparedness of defender..
Martial arts in one of techniques used for self defense.
Weapons, improvised weapons used in daily life also  work as a protective part for counter attacking.

Armed Technique:

- Use of injuriable weapons.
Depends on defenders experience, victim(s) and how is the threat presented.
Weapons like knives, stun gun,  switchblades, batons, tasers are mostly used for attacking as well as  for defending. Papper spray
is also used as the source of defend and can be used or carried illegally as it don't need any license.
Some weapons need to be carried and used legally. 
Legal jurisdictions have restrictions on owning firearms and tyoe they can own. Legal License is provided to certian profession or a person for a valid reason. 
Also the non-injurious defence can be used and are legaly own and carried at most of the places: dye-marker sprays, ID marker or DNA marker sprays.
Improvised weapons are the objects in daily life viz. flashlights, newspapers, cricket bats, hockey sticks, keyrings with keys, kitchen utensils and many other tools and also the hair spray aerosol cans with lighter.

Unarmed technique:

- Use of Martial art or combat sports techniques.
Total body force is the main lead of the unarmed self defencing.
Martial arts are trained for eascaping from a knife attack or a gun fire, break away punch or to attack.
Martial art school in present day use combination of martial art style and techniques. 

Verbal technique:

- Use of words.
To prevent, de-escalate or to end an attempted assault words are the defending players.

Need of Self defence for Women...

Women are the important victim of sexual harrastment.
Womens age ranging between 18- 34 are at high risk of being harrasted. 
They face this problem on street, work-place and even at their home.
They can get physical and personal empowerment through traning in boxing and jiu-jitsu.
ESD(Empowerment Self Defence) course offered focuses on teaching verbal and psycological as well as physical self defence strategies. It explores the source of gender-based violence especially including its connection with sexism, racism, clasism. It focuses on holding prepetrators responsible, rights and ability to protect themselves.

Self Defence Styles:

Unarmed:Karate, Taekondo, Kung-Fu,Hapkida, Pencak, Silat
Armed: kali,Eskrima, Arnis. 
Martial Sports: Boxing, kick-boxing, Muay Thai, savat, shoot boxing, sanshau, grappling, judo, brazillian jiu-jitsu, sambo, mixed martial arts and wrestling.