To stop hair loss and to increase memory: These Amazing Benefits Of Hibiscus Flower ... !!

In Ayurveda, Hibiscus tree has always been given the status of a medicinal plant. Everything from its roots to its flowers is an elixir of life.

To stop hair loss and to increase memory: These Amazing Benefits Of Hibiscus Flower ... !!
Know the benefits of Hibiscus Sabdariffa...| theganimikava

In Ayurveda, hibiscus flower tree has always been given the status of a medicinal plant.  Everything from its roots to its flowers is an elixir of life. Hibiscus flower is very beautiful to look at. You have always seen this at home or even in the garden.  The real hibiscus flower is red in color but it also has pink, white, yellow and eggplant colors.

 The scientific name of hibiscus is Hibiscus Sabdariffa.  It is also called Jaswant flower.These flowers contain a wide variety of nutrients, such as calcium, iron, vitamin C, and fiber.  Jaswant flowers are also used in many medicines.  This sacred flower used for worshiping God is a remedy for many problems including skin and daily use including hair and is beneficial for many ailments. Learn the benefits and remedies of Jaswant flower in the following article ...

 Benefits of hibiscus flower on hair loss :

 If you are suffering from hair loss and you want to overcome it with natural remedies then ' hibiscus' is definitely beneficial.

 Rich in phosphorus, calcium and vitamin C, hibiscus flowers and carotene in jasmine leaves help in getting rid of hair loss, premature graying of hair and dandruff.  If you use Jaswanda daily, you will get relief more quickly.

 Effective hibiscus flower on Hair Loss :

  •  Hibiscus leaves and flowers are a natural result of hair loss.
  •  Hibiscus promotes hair growth and increases the blood supply to the scalp.
  •  Calcium and Vitamin C in hibiscus make hair thicker.

 Home Remedies of hibiscus for Hair :

 Hibiscus and Coconut Oil :

  •  Mix some jaswant flowers with sesame or coconut oil and mix well.  
  • Leave this mixture on the hair for a few hours and wash the hair with cold water and mild shampoo.

 Hibiscus and olive oil :

  •  You can use hibiscus as a daily shampoo.
  •  Combine hibiscus ,  water and olive oil to make your shampoo!  Take 2-3 Jaswant flowers and leaves in a khalbatya, add a little olive oil and water and grind.
  • Apply this mixture from root to tip for 15-20 minutes and then wash hair with lukewarm water.

 Hibiscus and Amla :

  •  Hibiscus and Amla are very effective in stopping hair loss.
  •  Add crushed hibiscus flowers and amla powder to water and combine.
  •  Apply this mixture to the hair roots and wash it off after it dries completely.  This treatment method will help in hair growth by stopping hair loss completely.

Hibiscus for weight loss :

  •  Hibiscus is used as a tea for weight loss.
  •  This is because Jaswant tea has natural fat burning properties.
  •  Flowers that are rich in antioxidants, which help to improve the body's metabolism.
  •  It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to get rid of high blood pressure and liver related problems.
  •  Put Jaswant flowers and its dried leaves in 2 cups of water.
  •  Bring water to a boil.  When the water is half left, take it down and filter it.
  •  Then mix lemon juice and a few drops of honey in it.  This is how delicious Jaswandi tea is made.
  •  If you drink this tea 2-3 times a day, you will feel the difference in your body.
  •  If you find it difficult to make this tea, you can order a packet of hibiscus tea from any other herbal brand in the market or online.

 Hibiscus use for skin care :

  •  In the past, Jaswandi was used to make cosmetics.
  •  Jaswandi is no less than a boon for facial care.
  •  It is also known as Botox plant because it naturally results as Botox.  Jaswant is very beneficial especially for those who have skin related problems.
  •  It contains iron, vitamin C and antioxidants.  It can be used to get rid of acne, pimples, dark spots, wrinkles.

  How to use :

  •  Boil Jaswant leaves and divide them in a mixer.
  •  Then add a little honey and gently apply it on your face.
  •  Then after 15 to 20 minutes, wash your face thoroughly with cold water.
  •  Doing so will remove the dryness on your face and make your face blemish-free.

Benefits of improving memory : 

  •  Jaswant's syrup is best for enhancing memory.
  •  This is especially good for children's intelligence development.
  •  It acts as an energy booster for both the heart and the brain.
  •  Jaswandi syrup is beneficial if you are suffering from memory loss with increasing age.
  •  First of all, dry 8 to 10 leaves and flowers of Jaswant and divide them.
  •  Then powder it and keep it in an air tight container.
  •  Make this powdered syrup at least twice a day or drink it with milk.
  •  Your intellect has to work like a computer.

 Other health benefits :

  •  According to a study by the American Heart Association, tea made from jasmine leaves is a medicine for patients with high blood pressure and heart disease.
  •  Drinking this tea normalizes the heart process and makes the body feel very light.
  •  If you have high blood pressure, you should definitely drink Jaswant tea at least twice a day.
  •  Most women suffer from anemia due to lack of blood and iron.
  •  But we can tell you that jasmine flowers cure diseases like anemia.
  •  For this, it can be beneficial to take one teaspoon of Jaswant powder with milk every day for a month.
  •  If you suffer from cold, cough and phlegm, Jaswant tea will definitely help you to get rid of this problem.  In fact, it is high in vitamin C, so it is good for colds.
  •  Jaswant tea is very beneficial in maintaining proper cholesterol level in your body.
  •  The nutrients in it prevent the accumulation of palaeo in your arterial ducts.
  •  So your body naturally lowers cholesterol.
  •  Often, if the heat is too high in the body, the mouth is exposed.  If this happens, bite 4 to 5 leaves of Jaswant.  This produces more saliva and also increases digestion.

 The dangers of using hibiscus flowers are :

  •  Jaswant tea is not suitable for pregnant women or women undergoing fertility treatment.
  •  It can be harmful.  This is because it lowers the level of estrogen in the body and can start your menstrual cycle.
  •  Also, your chances of getting an abortion cannot be ruled out.
  •  If you want to drive a car, you should not take Jaswandi in any form for 1 hour before that.  Because after eating Jaswandi, sleep comes.  So it is necessary to take care of this.
  •  Patients with low blood pressure should never drink Jaswant tea.  This is likely to lower his blood pressure even further.  Which can even worsen their condition.

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