Let's Know how does alcohol affect the body...!!

Often times heavy drinking can become an addiction. For those that drink heavily, it is important to know the effects of alcohol on the body.

Let's Know how does alcohol affect the body...!!
The Effects Of Alcohol In The Body...| theganimikava

Here I would like to aware all you people that how the consumption of alcohol can harm our body. It can destroy our life. 

All those who drinks alcohol frequently and regularly should know that how it affects their health. When you drink alcohol, it absorbed into your blood and gets distributed all over your body.

High consumption of Alcohol damage our body which can result into many diseases. It makes our life term short. People then are physically unstable. This can result into so many negative ways. 

Body parts affected by alcohol is :

1.Excretory system :

Excessive consumption of alcohol may cause the pancreas to produce toxic substances that interfere with its functioning.

  • As a result, pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas is likely.
  • This is a serious problem, capable of destroying the pancreas. It can also lead to jaundice development.
  • Chronic liver inflammation may cause severe scarring or cirrhosis.
  • The formation of scar tissue may destroy your liver.
  • When the liver and pancreas do not work properly, there is a risk of hypoglycemia.
  • The damaged pancreas may cause unbalanced blood sugar levels, which is a serious concern.

2.Central nervous system :

Change in behavior is one of the primary signs of alcohol being in your system.

  • Alcoholtravels through the body and quickly reaches your brain and other parts of the central nervous system or CNS.
  • This may lead to slurred speech and it becomes harder for you to talk.
  • Alcohol can affect the brain and overall body coordination along with your balance and the ability to walk properly.
  • Over drinking negatively affects your ability to think clearly, impulse control and your ability to form memories.
  •  Damage to the nervous system because of alcohol may cause pain, abnormal sensations in your limbs, and numbness.

3.Digestive system :

Alcohol also affects your body digestive system in several ways.

  • Alcohol can affect the entire digestive system starting from the mouth to the colon and a single incident of excessive drinking can wreck parts of the digestive tract.

4.Alcohol can affect Organ :

Alcohol abuse damages your salivary glands, which cause irritation in the tongue and month.

  • This may result in gum disease, tooth disease, or tooth decay.
  • Ulcers in the oesophagus or food pipe, acid reflux, and heartburn are other impacts.
  • Excessivedrinking may also lead to stomach ulcers and inflammation of the stomach lining.

In above article , we will discuss about the how to alcohol affects on body..and ita very dangerous for our health..So,don't drink too much of alcohol. It can totally damage your inner body... try to avoid drinking to much alcohol..must read this article and share your opinions in comments section...

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