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Today, in any company's office, employees' workplaces, from secretaries to general directors, are equipped with computers. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine an enterprise work without computer equipment, all of which have a proportional information system designed to solve numerous tasks: banking processes, accounting reports, documents, electronic correspondence Business Partners Etc.

What is a software configuration | Software Configuration Management (SCM) | theganimikava
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The local corporate network allows you to save time and simplify the work of employees, but, on the other hand, relies on a PC, especially an entire network, against time and error. There is no insurance. With the rapid development of telecommunications and the Internet, the number of users eliminating the system can be measured in the hundreds of thousands, and the fleet of computers used in computing data centers and information systems can form a high number of high-performance.

The more machines and their users there are, the more likely it is that all sorts of problems, issues, and unusual situations will arise that require the intervention of professionals. Therefore, the increase in the number of managed hosts creates a strong complexity of corporate network architecture and it is impossible to effectively manage computer devices without the use of specialized group control mechanisms that facilitate system changes and maintenance Provides.

One of the key areas of such systems of system administration is the management of configuration management, which provides support for the basic life cycle of the information system - its development and maintenance. When complex information systems comprising multiple components develop projects, each of which can be independently developed and, therefore, have multiple implementation options and/or multiple versions, the problem is their connections and to keep in mind the functions, to ensure the development of the integrated structure and the whole system. Configuration management allows you to systematically change and monitor the various components of the information system at all stages of its life.

Due to the high mobility of software development and the IC process, Software configuration management is especially useful. The process includes backup, source code control, project requirements, documentation, and more. Etc. The formal degree of these methods depends on the size of the project, and if properly assessed, this concept can be very useful for the following tasks:

Identification of software configuration;


The configuration of the software identifies the controlled elements, identification schemes for the elements, and their versions are set up, and the technologies used to control these devices are defined (their transfer). Including in the system configuration process and management)

Control software configuration

Software configuration handles address change management issues throughout the life of the software. This includes the process of determining what changes should be made, what options are needed to approve certain types of changes, what assistance is available to implement those changes and formal approval of deviations from design requirements, The concept of denial, as well as making changes. The resulting information is useful for determining the amount of change flow, affecting the integrity and "processing" aspects of projects (mostly in terms of time, cost, and effort in terms of labor costs.

Accounting for software configuration status

Accounting for the state of software configuration involves the preservation and production of reports for all information required for the effective management of software configurations.


What is a software configuration item?


Generally considered: All stages of the product's software life cycle after the approval activity can be called software configuration items; Software configuration items include: - Agreements, processes, projects, and related documents and product information, source codes, object codes, and executable codes. Products, including related software tools, reusable software library, software purchased and provided to the customer. Built-in software change is inevitable, and in the midst of the chaos there is a return to playing more software engineers in this project. There is confusion before making changes because there is no careful analysis, or the change was not controlled. Babich once said: "Coordinating software development to reduce such confusion is called configuration management."

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Software configuration management, called SCM, applies to the entire software engineering process. If change can occur at any time, the goal is to (1) identify changes in SCM activities, (2) change controls, (3) implement changes correctly (4) Be sure to report other changes to related personnel.

Managing software configuration is a technique during the software life cycle. Its main function is to control the software life cycle, to ensure the quality of the software product to reduce the effects of various changes in the software. Proper application software configuration management is essential for developing top quality software. Software configuration management is primarily a quality management process in the software development process.

Software configuration management process

Configuration Management (Configuration Management, CM) means a technical or management software product and a standard series of steps through its development process and life cycle control.

The purpose is to record the process of configuration management software product development to ensure that software developers can get the correct product configuration at the stages of the software life cycle.

The process of configuration management is in the process of continuous development, improvement of the software product management process. Its ultimate goal is to achieve the integrity, stability, control of the software product, and to make the product more compatible with the needs of the users. It does this by modifying software to edit parts of software components designed to achieve controlled recording, tracking, and software product management functions.


Shape management software, or software configuration management, is also known as software configuration management (software configuration management), which is called a software shaped tube (SCM). We define the components of the software changes are made to each project control (version control), and different versions of collaboration between projects are explored on a onetime content, including the importance of some combinations, Can be built to create software development processes for maintenance.

Software Configuration Management During the software life cycle, this management provides a set of software development approaches and principles of activities. Software configuration management software, whether it is for business executives or R&D employees, is of paramount importance. Software can be extracted from three aspects of configuration management.