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Today, our business idea is something that attracts new entrepreneurs because it is an option that has a low-cost assembly and is well received by a very diverse population. We will look at how to set up a clothing and jewelry store, which is responsible for selling rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories. Jewelry is a low-cost stone and is encrusted with pieces of metal, such as brass, silver, gold, or nickel, which are offered to the wearer.

How to build a jewelry shop | Start a Jewelry Making Business | theganimikava
How to Start a Jewelry Making Business
How to build a jewelry shop | Start a Jewelry Making Business | theganimikava

Advantages and disadvantages

Clothing jewelry usually has a low acquisition price for the entrepreneur and they can pass on to consumers at an affordable price, which is why they reject their tastes. While this is not a basic requirement, it is something that people, especially women, do not leave behind.

It is a branch that runs in the millions in a year and has great potential in the next five years. But for a business to be profitable, it is important to realize multiple sales, because as mentioned earlier, they are low-cost products, so you need to sell more to compensate.

Many jewelry stores close their doors for less than a year of activity, and those who live in the marketplace try to update new trends in a modern way as they reduce competition.

Estimated starting capital

The cost of setting up a clothing and jewelry store will depend on the point of sale, customization of the facility, and any planned physical structure. Using data provided by SEBRAE, it is estimated that opening a store with basic equipment would require something around $ 57,000,000, which would include:


  • Site improvement and refinement.
  • Rent and furniture


  • Advertising and packaging.
  • Telephone, computer, printer.
  • Initial stock and working capital


Market challenges

The clothing store owner will have many competitors, but he can take some steps to attract customers to his store. Providing a pleasant environment together with excellent customer service is essential for business growth. Offering beauty and quality products at the same time at affordable prices

It is also important that the entrepreneur knows the whole process of his business. The competition is worth reading to see what they sell and at what price.


How to open a jewelry store

Before you start investing in a business, you need to understand the market. Advance planning can reduce the likelihood of unnecessary boredom in the future. In this type of business, the industrialist must be aware of new trends in the industry and work to perform better in order to attract the attention of the public.


Jewelry stores will have higher billing if installed in the right places. Large shopping malls, malls, and galleries with large numbers of people are good choices for the business in question.

It is worth noting that each type of location will attract a different audience. Use this information to get the audience-friendly stock you want to reach.




Tools and Suppliers

Clothing jewelry store infrastructure includes:


  • Exhibitions, showcases for exhibitors.
  • Drawer cabinets for storing stock parts.
  • Service desk, packaging.
  • Computer, printer, POS.
  • Gondolas for jewelry


Necessary equipment, as well as their volume, will guide through the required business structure. The entrepreneur can buy his parts directly from the factory or authorized distributor. It's interesting to have a variety of items to increase your chances of pleasing your customers, and in a clothing jewelry store, the following pieces may not be available.

  • Rings, earrings, bran.
  • Pendant, bracelet, bracelet.
  • Belts, necklaces, bags.
  • Brooches, anklets and the like.
  • Terraces and accessories for hair.


How to open a company

The entrepreneur should consider a series of steps before opening his company. The accountant can safely add the company's articles and include:

  • Registration with the Commercial Board.
  • Register with the Federal Revenue Office to obtain a CNPJ number.
  • Enrollment in the City Hall of the Municipality to obtain a work license.
  • Outline within the Union
  • For INSS and FGTS purposes - enrollment in the social networking system with Caixa Economic Federal.
  • Apply for a license from the fire department for the operation.
  • Request the authority to print the invoice along with the SAFAS (Secretary Form).


Special tips for new business

Everything is closer and easier today because of advanced technology. Aside from the bureaucratic part of the documentation required to establish oneself as a company, there is also the challenge of not actually launching it into the market. However, it is still possible to be motivated to succeed in setting goals. Only initiative, perseverance, and courage!

To ensure a promising future for a new company, it is important to know the basics before making a new investment. Create a good business plan and empower yourself in the desired area.


Define a customer

A company operates only on behalf of its customers. When a businessman puts himself in shoes, he can easily identify his needs and see what he needs to improve his business to better serve him. The key is to define your target audience clearly and reasonably. It ensures focus and expertise in a particular industry.

The premise is basic: it deserves to be an expert in an activity and guarantees success by offering the best product, the best service, rather than being moderate in different fields or activities.