how to make career in cloud computing | Career in Cloud Computing | theganimikava

A career in cloud computing. Do you want to pursue a career in cloud computing? Would you like to know how to create a career in cloud computing, then in this post you will get complete information about this career option. With the help of which you will be able to build your career in cloud computing.

how to make career in cloud computing | Career in Cloud Computing | theganimikava
Considering a Career in Cloud Computing 2020 | theganimikava
how to make career in cloud computing | Career in Cloud Computing | theganimikava

In this article, you will get information about the scope of career in cloud computing, cloud computing courses, the best colleges, and fees, etc., with this, all doubts related to cloud computing will be removed and you make your own decisions. Will be able to make the right decision, Career let’s now show you how to build a career in cloud computing.

Cloud computing is an emerging career choice these days. Where millions of recent jobs will be created in the future; given the way cloud computing is being adopted in the IT sector at the moment, it seems that the career in cloud computing will be perfect and bright in the future.

In this field, career doors open after the 12th. After Twelfth, students can enter this field by getting a degree in Computer Science or IS in Battery, BSc. You can also take certification courses in this field; you can do this course from reputed institutes like IBM, NIT, Optic.

The following are some of the top class programs related to Cloud Computing-

  • Cloud computing infrastructure
  • Google Certified Professional Architect
  • Certified Cloud Professionals
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Cloud
  • IBM Certified Solution Advisor
  • Microsoft Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
  • EMC Cloud Architect
  • IBM Certified Solution Architect
  • HP Expert One Cloud Certification
  • Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge
  • VM Ware Cloud Certification
  • EMC Cloud in Infrastructure and Services Certification
  • Cloud computing architecture, etc.

Nowadays, some private universities are also offering master's degree courses. You can also reap the benefits by paying a fee for workshops held in the area. At the same time, some companies provide training to candidates who have been hired for their services.

Cloud computing is fast emerging as a new dimension in the field of IT and computer technology. As a result, new career paths are emerging in this new direction. It helps to organize people's data related to the Internet. Because of this feature, every service connected to the computer and the Internet is now set up directly from the cloud-connected server. Experts estimate that this field will create millions of jobs in the future. In this field, you get a salary of 3 to 4 lakhs per annum, which increases with your experience. At the moment, salaries in this sector are attractive.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a computing power based on the cloud. It got its name from its complex structure like clouds. It stores user data and settings on the server. Which is known as cloud? The use of cloud computing has grown significantly over the past few years. Companies now have software outlets on the hardware they need.

Career scope in cloud computing

Today, the scope of cloud computing has expanded considerably. There is no shortage of cloud computing companies these days. Thousands and millions of companies are working in this field in our country, where you can work on multiple job profiles. if the cloud computing specialist has a lot of job opportunities, if he has a good knowledge of this field. Apart from Indian companies, there are good employment opportunities for professionals in this field in multinational companies.

Cloud computing also plays an important role in the Digital India program. Millions are expected to find work. Eighty million people are also working in this field. As computer and internet technology grows, so does the field of cloud computing.

Cloud computing career skills

To pursue a career in cloud computing or training in cloud computing, you must have a background in IT or computer science. If you have a little experience working in this field, it will be sweeter than sleep. This will make your education much easier during training. Computer languages ​​such as Python and Java are very important in this field.

The best college for cloud computing courses

Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and other branches

  • NIIT, (there are branches in many places in the country)
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani
  • Chandigarh University
  • SGT University
  • Nilit Chandigarh and other branches in the country