Best Careers options which don't require college degree....

There are many different career options which don't require any college this career there are many part time or full time jobs which require creativity and life skills and no college degree.

Best Careers options which don't require college degree....

Best Careers options which don't require college degree.....

Many people specially , the people born in 90s believes in college degrees , thinking them as the only way to earn money and a livelihood , giving more importance to engineering and medical sector ,or hustling for a government job, but in today's world there's a scope in around every field . There are many part time or full time jobs which require creativity and life skills and no college degree Special skills and training requirements for these career options can be fulfilled from internet

1. Photography

Photography is the field which mainly requires passion and interest towards capturing the movements in the camera . In today's world, photography is a career with great scope and demand. The basic requirements and skills can be easily learned from internet .There are various kinds of photography like wedding photography , modeling portfolio, nature and wildlife photography, based on the interest of photographer and demand in market

If you are a college student then it would be a good part time job for you from where a good earning and experience can be grabbed without any special training or degree course.

2. Blogging

Blogging industry is having a rapid growth in these days of social media and websites. It also don't require any college degree, although it can be learned online with less invested . Writing blogs , creating your own websites , uploading it on internet can provide you with a good income . Skills like website creation , content writing snd marketing are required skills which need be learned . It is best for students and also people doing jobs and businesses as this work require less time .

It is the one of the safest job as the person need to work from home .

3. Graphic designing

For the people with great creativity and artistic interests, Graphic designing is best career for them which is drastically growing in today's world. Social media platforms and also other platforms on internet value a skilled graphic designer . There's also big demand for graphic designers in gaming industry.

The skills required for this career can be learned from internet, skills like photoshop and scratch are required to be a better creater .

If you are someone with good imagination power and a painting and Art lover , then it could be one of the best Careers for you .

4. Digital marketing

Today's world is a digital world with around 60 percent of the world's population using internet on daily basis . Digital marketing is having a great scope and demand in online markets. Every business requires marketing for it's growth and in this job , you can earn a good amount from performing marketing and promotions of products or services on social media platforms.

Skills like SEO ( Search Engine optimization)and basic information regarding the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram are required which you can learn from internet.

It is one of the safest job where the earnings can be with no limits.

5. Video creater or Youtuber

YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are drastically growing day by day with more creaters joining these platforms. Videos have also became a need of people surfing on internet as they prefer visual contents more than that of a written content. Good amount can be earned from YouTube with the help of adsense and brand collaboration. The skills it requires is creativity , discipline ,consistency and interest in video making and creations .

This job can also be a good platform to showcase your own talents and skills which can influence the audience .