The best keyboard for android smart phone users ...| theganimikava

Nowadays , smart phone have become an essential needs of each and every person all over the world . In india , the number of smart phone users have been increasing day by day as a smart phone plays a key role in our daily lives.

The best keyboard for android smart phone users ...| theganimikava
The best keyboard for android smart phone users ...| theganimikava

Except few , everyone does not have a laptop or a computer . So , these people do their basic works through internet , using their smart phone only .

  • Consequently , every smart phone users like me uses different types of third party applications in their devices in order fulfill their requirements.
  • That's why we have to install various types of app from Google play store.
  • Some curious people also use other sources to install the third party applications , which is not so far safe and secured.
  • You always remember one thing that safety should be your first priority .
  • So , you don't use any unknown sites for installing any third party applications except Google play store .
  • Because there you can get the facility of Google's own play protect service.
  • Google's developer's groups are always working on detecting the vulnerable apps in the play store.
  • Whenever they find some back door or any kind of vulnerable activities with in any application , they immediately throw off that particular apps from play store .
  • In this way they can protect their user's personal data from attackers.
  • Every smart phone user's must use some keyboard for tying anywhere .
  • Either we use company's in built keyword or download any other keyboard from Play store .

Here , i am going to discuss about G board , the best multilingual keyboard , introduced by Google in the year 2016 .

G - board :

This is a virtual multilingual keyboard google launched this keyboard in the month of may 2016 on the IOS platform .

First , later it took it is entry on Android platform in December , 2016.Now , let's talk about some key features of G - board  below :

  • It is very simple layout and is easy to use.
  • It has integrated google search engine.
  • You can do fast and smart tying with emojis , gifs and more.
  • It feactures voice typing in thousands of languages right now . When it launched on IOS platform , it only supported started supporting hundreds of different languages , whenever it launched on Android platform .
  • It features floating keywords , which is amazing for one hand usage.
  • You can write in cursive and printed letter here easily.
  • You can search emoji's and gif's , according to your requirements and share these quickly for the perfect reaction , especially while you are busy in chatting with friends.
  • Google translate is integrated here .
  • You have so many integrated gestures control here .

Here are some useful tricks and tips to control G - board more easily.

Tips and tricks : 

  • For gesture cursor control , you just slide your finger across the space bar in order to move the cursor .
  • For gesture delete , you just require to slide left from the key to quickly delete multiple words .
  • In order to make the number row to be available always , you must enable it in its settings .
  • You can switch between your enabled languages by clicking the space bar with a long press .
  • You can use one hand mode on large screen phones and pin the keyword to the left or the right of the screen .
  • You can also choose your own theme , with or without key borders , according to your preferences.

It has already millions of users all over the world because of its users friendly and easily interface .This application is marked for the users , having minimum age 3.You can also join its beta program . If you will become a beta tester here , you will  get early access of several new features introduced by google .

In this above article we are discuss detail study  of best keyboard for Android smart phone that is G - board keyboard..This keyboard is very easy to handle and useful also must read this article and Share them with people you think will like to read them. Thank You..